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Hello! Welcome to FCC Kids. We’re so glad you’re considering visiting our community. This is a space where children are welcome with their noises, wiggles, and out-of-context comments. Please read on to learn more about our offerings for children. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you’d like a tour of our children’s spaces before you come for the first time - I’m happy to help! 

In playful joy, 
Tammi VanDrunen


On a normal Sunday morning, we have a check-in table where all children ages 0-5th grade check in before proceeding to the sanctuary with their parents/guardians. This simple check-in system ensures that your child stays safe with us and returns to you! 

This table is found in our west entry space (enter through the glass doors by Heath Middle School).

As a first time visitor, you’ll be asked to fill out a simple form to gather essential information. All of your information is kept confidential. Your child will get a nametag. 

Once check-in is complete, nursery children (ages 0-3) can go immediately to the nursery. Children ages 3-5th grade go to the sanctuary with their adult. If children want to stay in the sanctuary the whole service, that’s fine! If not, children get dismissed to continue worshiping in their own space about 15-20 minutes into the service. 

*If your child wants to stay in the sanctuary with you the whole time, they don’t need to check in. 


Our nursery is located across from the elevator for children 0-3. Our trained and loving nursery staff (vaccinated and masked) will make sure your young child is kept safe and well-cared for. Our nursery space is filled with age-appropriate toys and books to keep them company while you’re away.


Before children’s dismissal, kids are generally present for our announcements, a couple of songs, and the children’s moment. The children’s moment is a 5ish minute time when the kids are invited (but not required) to come up to the front and have an interactive learning time with one of our staff. Directly after the children’s moment, kids are invited (but not required!) to continue worshiping in an age appropriate way in their own room. 

Special kid things for the sanctuary: 

  • The Prayground: This is a space available for children to move, color, and play with quiet toys at the front of the sanctuary. Feel free to use it if you want! 

  • Earmuffs: if you have a noise sensitive child, please be aware that our organ can fill the room with sound! We have child-size earmuffs at the sanctuary entrance and in the Prayground for your child to mute that sound a bit. 

  • Worship bags: If your child would like to stay in the sanctuary with you, they are welcome! We do have worship bags near the sanctuary entrance that hold some quiet play things for them to use. 


All children ages 3-5th grade are together for our children’s worship time. Our rhythms flow from a method called Godly Play. It is a relatively quiet space where we tell a Bible story, often with the help of some simple wood and felt pieces.  We do not tell kids what they should learn or what the “moral point” of a Bible story is - we find that God will reach each kid where they’re at. 

Then, children are invited to respond to that story however they’d like - through art, through reading a book, through writing a letter… it’s up to them. Finally, we gather back together to share what we’ve created (sharing is optional).


We’ve found that this method allows kids to explore who God is and who they are with God in a space that feels safe and inviting. This method works well with kids who are both neurotypical and neurodivergent. We welcome all children to join us! 


There are always at least 2 adults in the room. We aim to have 3-4 adults - and you are welcome to join if that is how your child feels safe.

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