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Serve the Greeley Community with our Outreach Ministry Group! 

Contact our Community Coordinator, Whitney Janzen-Pankratz for more information. 

Phone: (970) 616-5356

Community Center

Join a team from First Congregational to cook and serve a meal at the Guadalupe Community Center! 

We serve on the fourth Saturday of each month from 4:30-6:30 pm. 

Greeley Interfaith Clothing bank

The Greeley Interfaith Association Clothing Bank is an all-volunteer faith-based organization that is located at 228 N. 9th Avenue, in Greeley.


The CB receives donated clothing which is sorted for quality and sold to the public for low prices. Social Service agencies may also provide 90% discount vouchers to help their clients. 


First Congregational Church Volunteers serve one or two days per month on shifts from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, or split shifts. 


Prayer Shawl Ministry

A crochet and knitting group who meet regularly to make prayer shawls for people who are in a transition or ill or just need a hug in the form of a shawl. 

Bundles Ministry

A program that makes freezer meals for those in our community who are ill, or have a lot going on or struggling in some way and could use a meal or more.

Habitat for Humanity

Join a team to help build homes for those in our community! 

Waste Not

Waste Now is an easy way to get involved in our community. It involves picking up food at UNC’s dining halls and transporting it to the Guadalupe Community Center. This activity requires a car, at least one person with a driver’s license and does involve lifting large containers of food.

Immigrant Refugee Center has many opportunities.  Check out their website for more information.

Weld Food Bank has many regular opportunities both in the day and in the evenings. Click below for more information. 

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