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January 2020

As we begin a new year and a new decade together as a church, you have probably noticed there’s a lot going on!

Last fall we began a process called “Sharing Our Story” with our church coach John Laster. The first set of gatherings of Sharing Our Story in October focused on our core values and identity as a community. The second set of gatherings in November focused on our vision for faithfully living into God’s calling for the witness and ministry of our church moving forward. The participation in these gatherings was terrific, with nearly 200 people involved! Thank you to those who helped to get these important conversations started for our church. Your time and thoughtful and prayerful participation is greatly appreciated.

Whether or not you were able to participate in the gatherings this fall, we hope you will be involved in the next part of this process called “First Impressions.” During these gatherings, John Laster will present the findings from the fall conversations, and will help us begin the process of focusing and distilling the many thoughts and ideas that were presented during Sharing Our Story Parts 1 and 2. This next step will help lead us towards the creation of 1) An identified set of shared values we hold as a community and 2) A compelling shared vision that will serve as inspiration for our church as we move forward into the future.

As John helps identify and articulate our shared story later this month, he will also help us begin the conversation about engaging in a capital campaign, raising funds that could serve as a springboard for our church to move into a future that is vibrant, vital, and fruitful.

On the threshold of this new year, there are so many important and exciting things happening for our church family. We hope at least one of your resolutions for 2020 will be your involvement at church! Your prayers, insight, questions, and support are so important as we seek to faithfully follow God’s calling into the future.

Rev. Ben Konecny

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