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This Sunday at FCC

Where do we go from here? That's a question that may come up for us in many different pivotal situations in life: at a job transition; in a strained relationship; after receiving a difficult diagnosis.

Moments of uncertainty and confusion can become like quicksand, making us feel stuck in a situation that seems out of our control. But through the ages, people of faith have found God's presence supporting them and guiding them towards a future of hope while in the midst of heaviness and disorientation.

This Sunday we will read about Isaiah's vision of hope for the Israelites that has been called one of the most beautiful oracles in all of scripture. In times when we experience uncertainty and anxiety, how might we be inspired by Isaiah's faith and hope to live into a future filled with the promise of God's presence?

Sharing Our Story Part 1 conversations took place last week, but it's not too late to participate! The intention of these gatherings was to have as many people as possible offer their input into who we are as a faith community.

Last Sunday's event was especially full (72 people) so we know not all voices were heard. Whether or not you were part of one of our earlier conversations last weekend, you are invited to share your perspective and further thoughts you may have. Our facilitator, John Laster, has prepared a survey to capture your input. Please include your voice by filling it out below or by picking one up Sunday and returning it to the church office. Your voice matters to Our Shared Story!

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