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What is the Rosebud?

We are lucky to be connected to the Rosebud Reservation through the Rosebud Episcopal Mission, where The Rev. Dr. Lauren Stanley (sister to one of our congregation's members) helps to facilitate meaningful trips for visiting mission groups and helpful service work to the Lakota people (while also fulfilling all of her duties as Priest-In-Charge at 8 churches on the Rez). This will be the fourth trip that members of our congregation will make to the Rosebud, but will be the first time we've designed the mission trip specifically for adults! 

Each time one of our groups returns from the Rosebud, we hear the transformational power that the Rosebud has had on the lives of our young people and adult chaperones. Mother Lauren would say that the most important thing we bring to the Rosebud is hope. So hope becomes the thing we work so diligently for. 

What will we do once we're there?

The honest answer is that we're not really sure yet! New needs arise daily on the Rosebud, and we're there to meet them as we're asked to do so... So the plans for our trip can change by the moment! Our teens would tell you that the plan is to "Semper Gumby!" (yes, that little green flexible cartoon guy) - which is to be always flexible to doing something other than what you thought you'd be doing. 

The one work project we are guaranteed is splitting firewood to support the Rosebud Episcopal Mission's Firewood for the Elders program. In the bitter, frigid winters of South Dakota, many of the Lakota people find themselves without heat and without the resources to fill their propane tanks or wood burning stoves. The Rosebud Episcopal Mission has made it their promise to do everything they can to keep elders and babies warm through the winter months by delivering split and ready-to-burn firewood all over the Rez through the winter. It is the expectation that all mission teams visiting the Rosebud and working with Mother Lauren split firewood to help keep people warm. (It doesn't hurt that it can be pretty fun, too!)

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